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What is Granite Pricing

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Granite pricing depends on many different factors. One factor is the granite quality, which can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on where they have obtained the granite. Granite pricing from some areas of the world is more highly prized than from other areas and the granite pricing will reflect the area where the granite was mined.
Another item that will affect the granite pricing is whether the countertop will be constructed out of granite slabs or granite tiles. Granite slabs are more expensive because they are solid granite all the way through while granite tiles are cut to a thickness that will ensure that the overall strength of the granite remains and then adhered to a countertop form using a strong epoxy. 
The last factor that may affect granite pricing is the color and pattern of the granite. Granite that is more colorful and has more brilliant flecks contained within it will be more expensive than granite that is monotone and dull. Certain color combinations, such as pink and grey or black and white, are more expensive because they are the hardest to find in sufficient quantities to create a large number of countertops. 
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